Hi! Aesir Here.... I mean my name is Janoi or many times I go by the name FateMake in some forums and games. I am Thai (from Thailand, not Taiwan) so English is my second language and it's not my strong point so if you find any mistake, please do inform me.

With that out of the way, what I want to introduce to you today is my novel that I just start writing:

"What do you want from me? I'm just a GOD!"



The creator's hobbies is creating mortal species, worlds, dimensions, and observed them. After some time he find himself creating too much to look after, he start creating divine being to help him lessen the work load. Aesir is one of them.
Demon king: Oh god, Why did you create me and then create the hero to slay me?
Aesir: I didn't create anything! I'm a GOD, not a prophet! I can't see the future, how am I suppose to know that you will turn into a demon king and the hero will be born !!!

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy(?), Fantasy, Magic, Male lead, Slice of life, Supernatural

Warning: This fiction may contains profanity.

So far I only have 3 chapters and the time different in upload is due to me keep remaking chapter 3 to make it to my liking.
The upload scheduled is not fix yet since I try to write but keep rewrite the stuff I made. I'll improve, sooner or later.

Here is Chapter 1 If you interested. 

Please leave a comment in my novel if you like my work. For new authors without fan base, it would help a lot to know that there are people who actually read our contents.

Thank you in advance. See you in "I'm just a GOD!"


Chapter 1 Pilot

Where am I?
Everything around me is pure darkness, not a single speck of light can be seen. I am not even sure if my eyes are open or close. It feel like I am falling but at the same time standing on a hard surface. Kind of a weird feeling, really.
What is this place? How did I get here? Who am I?
I try to reach out and feeling my surrounding but there are only nothingness. I keep trying to reaching and moving around my surrounding.
This is a pain. Where are the light switches? Would something die if I get some light around here? Come on! Give me some light!
As I thought that, everything around me start to change. The whole space light up in a blink of an eye. From pure darkness where I can’t see my own hands to the white space of infinite horizon. The sky, the floor, everything is just pure white. I feel like a friend would just show up and pop up to shout ‘surprise’ anytime now. But nobody came.
There are nothing in here. And I mean nothing at all. I don’t even know where the floor end or the sky start. Just like looking at white paint on an endless wall. This starting to give me the creep. What the hell is this place? Why am I even here? And where is the exit? More importantly, who am I? I wish there is a mirror so I can see myself.
Silently, a mirror just materialized out of thin air! What the hell?!? Am I being prank?
A two meter tall mirror just stood there out of nowhere like it has always been there from the start. I circle round the mirror and it just floating there in the air with no attachment to anything whatsoever.
How? Magic? Wait a second. Is this like one of those light novels I read before? Am I being transfer to another world? Then will there be a beautiful goddess welcoming me? I’m personally want her to be the big breast onee-san type but I’m fine with the loli type too. Now show yourselves!
I stood there waiting for the goddess that supposed to show up with a big smile saying ‘Oh hero. My world is in great danger, please help me.’
What feel like an hour passed but no one show up. Is she caught up in the divine traffic or something? She sure is late. Call your manager! I want to have a word with the heaven’s HR!
Joke aside, nobody really going to show up? At this point I’m ok with any god, devil or even heaven’s janitor. Please don’t just drop me here and leave me alone. I’m lonely.
Alright, if no one is coming then so be it. I turn my attention back to the floating mirror. If they are late then I’ll entertain myself in the meanwhile then. Now let’s see how handsome I am. I’m sure my future harem wife will be head over heels for me.
What I saw is beyond my expectation. Forget the fact that I am not a guy, I’m not even a girl or humanoid shape being at all. What I see is just some kind of a mass of plasma. Image something like a 2 mater tall slime monster make out of blue plasma wiggling around, yep that’s me. How did I not notice or even check my hand when they turn on the light?
I touch my own reflection in the mirror just to be sure that it’s really is me. Try pulling my own body. Nope, doesn’t hurt. Does that mean this is a dream? But can this body feel pain in the first place? Slime in the stories are usually have pain nullification. Does that also apply? What am I going to do? How do I turn back into human? Am I even human in the first place?
So many question keep flooding my confusing non-existing brain. I need to claim down first. Let’s see. What can I do with this body? It sure is stretchy. I feel like I can mold myself, somehow. Let’s go with that.
I try image my glob of a hand to be more humanoid hands. Hey, it work! This is kind of fun. Now on to the legs. Hmmm. Not bad, not bad. I feel like my mentality is that of a man so of course I need to be handsome. Let’s add more muscles in the right place. Nice. Those abs and biceps look good.
I keep playing around with my modification for a while. Sadly my non-existing brain is not that great at making face so I’ll leave it as a blank mannequin head for now.  I don’t know how long I will be here, the only thing I have plenty of is time. I might be able to make a perfect handsome face, someday. Surely, right?
Now my problem is the fact that I’m still naked. I’m showing my ‘asset’ too much which make me feel uncomfortable. I may be a blob of plasma slime but I still have shame, you know? I wish there are cloth for me to wear. I slightly hope that it will magically appeared like the mirror and turn around. It really is there! This is awesome!
Talking about classy. The clothes that floating there sure is nice. It is a full set of black suit and red tie together with shiny black shoes and white undershirt. It’s the kind that you normally see in some fancy business man or a super spy movie. The material is nice to the touch too. Now I look like a sci-fi suit rental shop mannequin display. It’s not too bad but I will probably give a few people nightmare if I show up moving in horror movies.
What to do now? There’s nothing here. I wonder if I can order some food. Alright. I want a cheeseburger, a large fried and a cup of cola please. Whao! It just appeared like that! Things I want just pop up like someone just add it in in a single video frame. No visual effect, no sound. Just ‘poof’ like that. That’s convenient. It taste alright, nothing too fancy but not bad either. Let’s try something else. Fried chickens! T-bone steaks! Taco!
Huh? Did I heard something? Must be my imagination.
‘… can… me… bie?’
This is annoying. It sound like there’s an old TV static in my ears. Leave me alone, I’m having fun with this online ordering. I wonder if I can ask for a weird food like a whole roasted elephant.
‘Newbie! Answer me, dammit!’
Whoa? Who was that? That’s scared me. Who are you and where are you? Why do you sound like a middle age white collar worker of a dead end job?
‘That’s … oddly specific. Anyways. Hello newbie. Sorry I left you alone for so long. The traffic here is very bad. There was a mass genocide, the whole river Styx and the reincarnation system is going nuts. That cat lady keep blocking the lane saying she’s looking for her cats. What’s with the rage about cat nowadays anyway? I personally prefer dogs. They are…’
Wait. There really were traffic jam? I was just only kidding. But seriously can you please stop rambling about the cats and your preference? Who are you?
‘Right. My name is Jeff and I’m your senior in godhood. I am currently talking to you telepathically since it would take be at least another hour just to get out of this jam.  I am supposed to be your mentor until some higher up deem you worthy as a proper god.’
Godhood? You mean I am a god?
‘Technically you are not yet a god. You are consider a full-fledged god when you have a decent amount of worshipers and have choose your divine authority. You are what we called divine being.’
Divine being, as in angel?
‘That’s one way to put it. Let’s go with that.’
Alright. What is this divine authority you are talking about? How do I get it?
‘Divine authority is basically your responsibility. Think of it as a job. You choose your own responsibility which will be representing your power. When your worshipers prey for you corresponding to your divine authority, you may or may not grant them their wishes. In turn, their gratitude to you in any form will become your payment back and increase your divinity. In other word, the more divinity you have, the stronger you become. This is how you move up the ladder and if you want, become one of the main gods.’
Ok. So how do I choose my authority and get my worshipper?
‘That’s up to you.’
‘Well… there are many ways to get what you want. I know this one guy who called himself the god of vacation. He split his divinity to descending himself to the mortal world he looking after. Now his divided self is operation the largest touring agency in that world. You can do whatever you want. It’s not like without a proper authority, you can’t use your power. They just get boosted afterward with worshipers’ gratitude. Your worshiper doesn’t even need to be human, just a sentient being is enough. For example, the majority of the god of sea worshipers are mermaids, krakens and sentient aquatic species.
That’s… interesting.
‘Let me warn you though, you can have the same authorities with other gods but do not step onto their boundary. Gods have their own territories that they are operating on. Do not go on to their worlds and try to steal their worshiper with the same or similar authority. They will take it as a challenge and an angry ancient god won’t be playing nice.’
Thank you for the warning.
‘Is there anything else you want to know?’
Oh right! This might be a bit late but who am I?
‘You? Nobody.’
Nobody? I mean I have some kind of memories in my head and all. Who am I used to be?
‘Oh, that. When our big boss create all of us, and I mean the creator by the way. He think it’s a pain to creating new gods to lessen his work for look after countless being of mortals from a blank stage. His hobbies involve creating worlds with different beings and observe them but after a time the number of his creations are getting out of hand. He didn’t want to stop his hobbies so he create us. He want something that ready to work and have fast understanding so he pick out some passing mortals experiences in the reincarnation system and add it to the created being. So don’t worry about it.’
So all my experiences and personality are someone else’s?
‘Yes and no. Yes, it was someone else’s experience. And no, that personality is truly your own now. It’s like when a child born, they get experience from what other teach them but what they think and like is their own choice. Don’t think too much. After all you are technically just a new born child.’
That’s a bit confusing but I’ll leave it at that.
‘That’s the spirit! Oh, if you don’t have anything else, I got a date tonight. That Goddess Amelia of sleep is one fine woman, I tell you. I hope we won’t have to use her authority tonight, if you know what I mean. Wish me luck! If you need me, go look for me at the heaven HR. Ask for Jeff, the god of painting. I’ll catch you later.’
Wait! We have HR department? Where the hell is that?
I feel like some kind of link got cut and I can’t hear him anymore so he probably already gone. What now? I know I am a god, or close enough. But how do I go about this?
Let’ get thing in order then. I am a god. Assuming that those magical food ordering is part of my power, I wonder what else I can do. I’ll leave the part of authority and worshiper to be for later. I don’t even know how to go about it anyway.
That self-proclaimed mentor guy call himself Jeff. He doesn’t seem to be a bad guy but not too reliable either. He said we have HR so that must mean we have other department as well as other place apart from this white space I’m in. I want to check that out.
Then I realize one problem. I don’t have a name!
The person Jeff call big boss seem to be the creator or some being who create other divine being like me. Does that mean I am his son? Whatever. The thing is he’s not here to name me so it’s fine to name myself, right?
What should I name myself? Hmmm…
Oh, I know!
From this day on, I shall be known as … Aesir