Great StoriesThat I Forgot the Name and to Bookmark

I really loved reading these stories, but I think I forgot to bookmark them and I for certain forgot the name of them.

All the MC's are male, and there are about 6 that I remember bits of.

Virtual Reality "Worlds" <- I realize that all of them relate to this genre, tehee.

1. The MC chooses to be a gryphon beastman, and is eventually able to transform fully into a gryphon. I only got as far as him being a baby one though. He is more on the timid side for his personality and in the game he has golden feathers in his hair. He doesn't start with a full head of feathers, but it does accumulate.

2. The MC starts in a game, and chooses to be an elf. Sometime later something happens and eventually his world and the "game world" merge. He had to decide whether to keep his identity as a human, and kill his family, or live as an elf and another human him would take his place, like he was never related to them. There was more to the decisions, but that's what I remember of it. I don't think this tale relates to the book with the Lunar Titan (where the future somehow sent the past gamepods to prepare them).

3. Another one where the MC is playing a vr game, but he is basically transported (?) to it and wakes up on a beach with I think a shattered sword.

4. The MC decides to participate in an experiment where a bunch of volunteers play a game. The console per player is a big black box.

5. This one might relate to the previous one, but the MC signs up for a training inside a game. There are a lot of others who do this as well. His trainer realizes after awhile what is really going on and makes sure to take care of the MC and a couple of others he's workimg with, like making sure they eat a lot of calories.

6. Mostly, the MC starts off overweight, and is on the timid side and was(/is?) bullied. Another main character is a super genious and he and his girlfriend (can't remember if it was just him or both) made a virtual reality game with the consoe being a chair. The couple move in to be next door neighbors with the MC after finding him interesting, but again he's shy. The MC plays the game and looses weight, but doesn't realize it.

I hope these descriptions help someone figure out the name, as I really want to read them again. Hopefully they are not gone from here and were continued on. Thanks for reading and I hope you can help!

RE: Great StoriesThat I Forgot the Name and to Bookmark

I think the one the 2nd one is defined as "not being" is [u]World Seed[/b] or at least by the same author (Justin Miller on Amazon IIRC).

Whilst I realise that doesn't directly help, it may prevent that being offered as the answer, & alternatively might spark recollection of the correct answer.

Regarding the rest, I'm now watching this thread because they looking interesting, so thanks. :)

RE: Great StoriesThat I Forgot the Name and to Bookmark

World Seed isn't the book for number 2. I remember more of that one, mostly because I had forgotten it for a bit but refound it. Not the first time it's happened, as there is one that's call Crimson something (tehee) that it took me awhile to find again and bookmark. I won't always remember the names, but for the ones I went and bookmarked after fnding again, I don't forget again.
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