"Suspenseful and emotional page turner", follow Adrian's journey in "Point of View."

Hello, I'm here to talk about my novel in progress, Point of View. I have poured a lot of love and thought into these words, they are all like my children. My book is about a man with a troubled past who faces an uncertain, apocalyptic future. How will these two mesh, and how won't they? The pages I've linked you two tell that story, and all of the crazy events that follow Adrian along his way.

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1/24/2018 1:20:11 AM Wrote: [ -> ]No problem, it really was a pleasure to do it!  If you'd like to swap, the link to my novel is in my signiture, but please don't feel pressured to if you don't want to or don't have the time.  I'm just doing this to help.

I'll certainly pass the link along, thank you :).

1/24/2018 2:31:12 AM Wrote: [ -> ]You got a 'Top Review', congratulations!

You deserve it. :)

I hadn't noticed that! But I do see a few others there right now from God_is_Good. Truly honored :).
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